This Bud’s For Me

What is the purpose of this blog? To paraphrase an old Budweiser slogan, This Bud’s for me. When I was in graduate school a million years ago, one of my professors loved throwing around E. M. Forster’s quote, “How do I know what I think until I see what I say?” At the time, I thought it was professorial nonsense. At the time, I was also very timid about committing my thoughts to paper because I knew I was a work in progress; I knew that what I thought today was very likely be an embarrassment tomorrow. Although I still think I’m a work in progress, my professor would be happy to know that I’m still thinking, still learning, and still growing, and that I finally understand what he knew Foster was saying. We have thoughts certainly, but what we think implies a process. That process, however graceful and logical we wish it to be, can be as awkward and stilted as a longed for first date. So what do I, a weak cup of tea liberal, think about the events that are unfolding in Wisconsin? I’m about to get on this train and find out.

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